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 Attire As any sport or activity that your children participate in - there is an attire or dress code that needs to be adhered by.  Since we are often asked what to wear to class, we have a description below.  Additionally, you may click the link below, and be transported to our online dance store.


Shop Nimbly Revolution is a dancewear company we have used since 2001.  They are located in IL and while we keep a small stock of shoes and tights, our dance home is small, so the online store allows us to show you more items you might find useful. 

As  a reminder of proper dance attire, please also understand that a dancer’s proper hair, along with attire, are a critical part of their training that must be followed for health, hygiene and safety reasons.



Ballet Class:


Hair Up in Buns - secured with bobby pins - no ponytails


Solid Black or Pink Leotard


Pink Tights


Dance shorts are allowed only after the Barre work when dancers come center - Black Ballet shorts only not sport or yoga shorts - solid colors, however ballet skirts are preferred to shorts.


Pink Ballet Shoes


Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop Classes:


Same as above - ponytails are acceptable if hair is not excessively long and will not smack dancers in face


Please no T-Shirts


Jazz Shoes - Tan preferred - black acceptable


Hip Hop Sneakers can be worn in Hip Hop Class - but Jazz shoes are fine




Lyrical Sandals/Foot Undeez (thongs)


Footless Tights - Pink or Black


Solid Color Leotard


Dance Shorts are allowed - no sport/yoga shorts


Solid Color Leotard- dance shorts over is acceptable

No Skirts - No loose shirts

Barefoot - therefore footless or convertible tights


Boys Dancewear:

Black/Grey stretch pants or shorts and a solid color t-shirt (black /white/grey) - black ballet, jazz or tap shoe or lyrical sandal.




**For our Tiny, Beginning and Advanced Toes dancers - our pre-school progam, we still like to see dance attire and ask that all hair is pulled up away from face.  Skirts are fine for our young dancers as long as they are not too long to cause a tripping hazard or too bulky.  Any color little leotard and skirt or tutu is fine but we prefer a professional ballet shoe, as opposed the stretchy, dress up satin slipper. Leather ballet shoes will have a sole that offers more traction. 

Thank you**


Dancers need to check their dance bags to make sure they have all needed dance shoes -  Please make sure that dancers’ names are marked in their shoes in case they get lost or left behind.  Keeping a brush with hair elastics and bobby pins in the dance bag, is reccommended.


Our New Dance Attire Store:



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