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Fall Schedule 

Pre -Schoolers

DancEncounter has long served dance classes for toddlers and pre-school aged children introducing them to group learning, the wonder of discovering dance, music and imagination along with physical, rhythmic and social development.

Grounded in ballet, tap and jazz the pre-school classes focus on age appropriate movement, music and use of props. For 2-3 yrs the classes are 30 mins long and for 3-4 yrs typically 45 mins long.  4-5 yrs might do 60 mins when ready or if a combo class.


Class names are for day/time depiction and are not necessarily level associated although Tiny Toes and Mini Movers have always been for 2-3 yrs.

an excellent class for the brand new beginner teaching all the basic concepts of dance and how to take a dance class
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