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Welcome to DancEncounter and our dance family,

The DancEncounter Staff takes pride in the discipline of dance and sharing it with students of all ages, in a focused and nurturing environment. The studio has existed since 1993 in Geneva. DancEncounter offers recreational and professional dance education for students with various aspirations, providing a sense of body awareness, confidence, and self-esteem found by performance experience and dedicated weekly training with “fun” in the “discipline”.  Pre-school classes teach dance and much more, through creative and imaginative means, supporting  physical, social and emotional skills and development. 



All Dancers are required to have a signed, completed registration form on file for each session, and it is asked anyone visiting or taking a free evaluation class, also complete a registration form.  Your form would be noted as a free trial, visit, workshop or session class, with day and time denoted.  It is important that the parent or guardian sign this form - this is our permission slip to have your child in class, and involved in dance related activity.  It is also a waiver, holding DE staff harmless in the event of accidental injury or loss of personal items.  It is also our methodology for emergency contact. Registration forms are usually posted on our website and available in our lobby. We can take registration information over the phone or scanned to our email. Payments may also be made by phone using Visa, MC or Discover.  Registration can be mailed with a check  to: DancEncounter 630 E. State St., Geneva, IL 60134 or deposited in our drop box by our main entrance, which is across the patio, in the back of the building. Sorry, but our website does not offer online registration.  We encourage newcomers to come visit, gather advice, view the studio and discuss any questions. It is recommended to call ahead or make an appointment to ensure, staff are available to serve you. ( During term time we are often teaching or rehearsing).


We advertise the current session's pricing online alongside the registration form and always offer a payment plan. Each student has a registration fee each school year session of $25 which may be paid annually in the amount of $45 and receive a free recital DVD.  For families with more than 1 dancer, it would be $30 per session or $50 for the year with one free recital DVD.  The payment plans do contain a slight service fee.  Once you have looked at our class schedule and have chosen classes for which you wish to register, add up the total tuition time and look on our Session Price sliding scale under Hours Per Week for your total.  Families are allowed to add siblings dance hours together. Next, look across the columns: first you will get the total session price or, alternatively, the second column will give you the split payment price.  The third column offers a smaller payment plan yet.  Drop in or one time fees are based on $15 per hour.  Private lesson fees are calculated on $60 per hour and are intended for one on one instruction. Our "hours" price list contains a sliding scale discount where by the more hours danced, the average hourly rate decreases. 


This set of guidelines is intended to describe basic studio policy with a view to everyone sharing in a positive experience.  We believe that punctuality and regular attendance are important in dance education and etiquette ~ especially in preparation for stage productions. Warm-ups are an important part of class and should not be missed. Class enrollment is a session commitment and to receive benefit from your dance training, consistency is important at any level. If a student has to miss class, please telephone/email or advise the teacher or desk staff, so that absences may be excused. Excused absences may be made up at another age or level appropriate “going” class of your choice during the session within which you are enrolled. Call ahead to ensure your chosen make-up class is a “going” class. Note: refunds/ class fee credits are not given for classes missed for personal reasons.  


Please be aware that from time to time the regular instructor may not be available due to other professional or family commitments and a substitute teacher will be provided. Teachers will always strive to communicate with subs in order to keep class continuity, where possible. On rare occasions, class may have to be cancelled and re-scheduled (e.g. snow blizzard, sickness) but it is our policy to keep this to an absolute minimum. When DE has to cancel - we shall always strive to offer a make-up date.  However, this does not always work for each and everyone's schedule. Dancers are permitted to take another "going" class under these circumstances too. Dance genre or style does not have to match though consideration should be given to age and ability... Classes missed for your own personal reasons maybe made up during the session the absence was made and again, it is advised to call ahead to verify appropriateness of your make-up lesson day and time.



We do like to utilize email communication but in the event of any class cancellation or bad weather closings, would place notice on the website first, then email all students' parents concerned. Our 630 232 1221 is now a cellular phone, so we are capable of texting too. Calls will be made if deemed neccessary. Email is probably still the better first form of communication - just because this is accessible from any device and location.  We are a very small business and sometimes, are taken up with our priority - the children- so do leave messages when you call and bear with us... we try to be very diligent with our return communication but occasionally are delayed                  


DancEncounter is committed to development of cultural arts through public performance in the community, which also provides an arena for the performing experience of our students and our “Company” of dancers. We see 'dance' as a performing art and strive for all genres to have an annual performance to round out their studies and training. Live performance builds character, confidence and expression.  We always aim to have a theme for our productions and produce The Nutcracker Ballet every other Christmas in the 'odd' numbered years.  We have written scripts and also created our own ballets.... To be onstage dancers need to be enrolled in class, pay the $80 costume fee and any production fees associated with any extra lead role rehearsal or onstage dress rehearsals. Our Nutcracker or other storied ballet leads are auditioned for within the school from Ballet level 3b and up - our productions are fully cast by our local children and adults. Dancers eligible for “Company” membership, which is by audition only, must take ballet and jazz and meet specific requirements. Request our Performing Company brochure for more information. Company participates in our annual performances as well as attending local area events, festivals and competitions. Company members pay an extra fee to cover their weekly rehearsals, their extra-curricular events and 'dance-outs'. DancEncounter Performing Company also has a Fundraising Foundation, known as DEPC Foundation,  that supports performance productions, competition, ( e.g. accessories/ scenery) and the spirit in our dance community .


DancEncounter productions are held locally and have most recently been held at the new and prestigious Batavia Fine Arts Centre. Ticket prices are usually $20-$25 and are always assigned seating.  Dancers are expected to wait backstage throughout the entire show, taking a grand finale bow at the end. Volunteers are always needed to assist with dancer chaperoning and theatre ushering ( as well as possible scenery moving). It takes a village and then some, but we always seem to have fun, create special memories and bonded friendships and team spirit. 


Certain housekeeping rules are important to keep a pleasant environment for all, especially since many people move through our building on any one day.  First - please park considerately and be aware, that we cannot have traffic "waiting" on the entry drive.  Access in and out of the lot must be maintained- a) for any emergency vehicle situation b) to avoid traffic backed up to Route 38 or stuck in a compromising position, with regard to this busy street.  Please always park in a designated spot.  If the lot is full, go just east of the studio and take the first street - Sandholm - there are parking places here by the park or just east of Sandholm by the strip mall. The parking lot often empties out quickly after a class time lets out, so occasionally we ask that your dancer is dropped at the patio, as you watch them enter the building and you drive to a "waiting" location before returning to park. If your dancer is young, by all means call to the studio to see if desk staff are available to walk your dancer in - if there is not anywhere to safely park and class time has begun. We cannot always guarantee availability - but are always happy to help if we can. We try hard to avoid parking crunches but ask your patience ,respect and slow speed on our lot, since children are present.

Next we ask that the lobby, dressing rooms and bathrooms are kept as neat and tidy as possible. We want you to feel at home but if you do move chairs etc., we kindly ask you replace them to their original spot when done, so that the room is ready to receive the next incoming group of dancers and parents. Food and drink should not be in the dance rooms during class( other than closable water bottles for dancers). Food and drink should be limited even in the lobby, and disposed of in the outside garbage can. Drinks in the lobby should be in an enclosed container too.


We love to hear laughter and conviviality but we remind everyone that classes are in progress, and the walls are "thin". A few books are available for siblings, but we invite you to bring their favorite book or small toy from home to help ease the wait.  Neither dancers, nor siblings are allowed in dance rooms without an instructor present or specific permission.

Dancers are asked to neatly put outdoor shoes under a chair and to hang their coat in the dressing room ( or on back of chair); put dance bag/ school bags aside as neatly as possible.  Many people need to store their belongings in the dressing room so dancers are asked to respect the needs of their fellow dancer.  All dance shoes and personal items should have your name in them, so they are identifiable when 'lost and found'. Dancers are also expected to show respect to their teachers, rules of the dance room, fellow dancers and siblings and the facility at all times.  Rarely, do we have issues, but will take appropriate steps of reprimand, when necessary.


Positive, smiling faces usually fill our Little Yellow House and while we know we all have bad days and hard times, we ask that we all do our best to present a positive attitude and allow the 'dance' to be our outlet.  Please advise us of an injury or distraction your dancer may be dealing with, so that appropriate consideration can be offered. Our door is always open to an appointment to discuss any concern you may have with DE or your dancer. The dance room is a magical place ~ it is our class room yet simultaneously our playground... we recognise that we are not necessarily training the next prima ballerinas but that does not mean, the dancer is excused from doing their best.  There are many benefits from dance - one being the art of dance itself, but many others like, balance and strength, physical control, fitness, good posture, composed body language, sequence memorization, prioritization and organised thinking, musical phrasing and counting, leading and following and swiftly interchanging the two, stress relief, artistic expression, cameraderie, friendship, teamwork..... and many, many more advantages of which, dancers should not shortchange themselves. Our staff have been dedicated teachers for many years and look forward to sharing the "fun" in the "discipline" and nurturing the growth and development of the dancer within the person, as well as the person within the dancer. 



Custom Events:

DancEncounter is dedicated to your experience being as fulfilled as possible. While we may not be able to cater to all personal services, please ask should there not be something on the schedule for you - we can open classes with 3 or more students ( 4 is our usual minimum), book personal lessons, hold birthday parties, or special group workshops based on instructor and facility availability.  In this case, fees should be paid in full, in advance and are non-refundable, should personal cancellations be made. DE would return any and all fee, should it be DE creating the cancellation.  Private lessons need at least 24 hours notice to be re-arranged with no forfeit. Small class settings running below minimum enrolment, should expect class time to be shortened, when in a one on one situation( one  student to one teacher) due to other's absences. Duration of class runs differently and more quickly with one student, and can be a lot more intense for the student. As the landscape of operation changes, so may these policies be reviewed as new circumstances evolve.


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