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DE Performances

Nutcracker memories:

Dance is a performance art and it is part of the DancEncounter learning experience to participate in a stage production! However, show performance is not required to partake in class, but we do like to offer every dance genre an annual performance. Every other year* ( in the odd numbered years) at Christmastime, DE presents The Nutcracker Ballet, which has become a time honored tradition, and is the only full length /entire all student cast in the Fox Valley region.

June sees our annual Variety Shows featuring all dance styles.

*Nutcracker serves as the ballet performance for ballet classes, meaning ballet is not featured in June shows of a Nutcracker year.

In recent years, most DancEncounter Productions have been presented at Batavia Fine Arts Centre

Our Next Show:

Nutcracker Suites & Treats
Sun Dec 10th at BFAC 3pm
( dress rehearsal Sat Dec 9th at Batavia Fine Arts Centre - see the schedule on our Nutcracker page)
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