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It's Butterbraid Fundraising time!

We are excited to announce our bi-annual studio wide fundraiser!!!!

As many of you recall, we aim to off set the cost of our Nutcracker scenery with some fundraising activity and Butterbraids are a yummy pastry that is great for Thanksgiving, the Holidays or any special or "just because" occasion!

A full production of The Nutcracker Ballet Story takes us from Clara's Home Christmas Party on a Journey through The Land of Snow to The Land of Sweets and therefore 3 different scenic backdrops to supplement our vision and imagination. The backdrops are rented from professional theatrical companies and cost over $1600 total (which is not covered by ticket sales).

It seems only right that half of the show being in the Land of Sweets is supported by Butter Braid braided pastries, as they are extremely delicious and very easy to prepare. Just set out the frozen pastry to thaw and rise, then bake it for a homemade looking and fresh tasting pastry.

It serves 11 people (if you choose to share!) and we guarantee neither you nor they will be disappointed!

A favorite for so many years, it just keeps on getting better! Check out the delicious flavors on your forms and taste what everyone is talking about! Now, with cinnamon rolls too!!

We invite all dancers to participate and Order forms are being sent home this week. Also, watch for the new online ordering system too! All payment is due when the order is submitted, either online or by form. Any checks would be made to DancEncounter. We have approx. 2 weeks to sell as we are aiming for delivery November 14th or 15th in time for Thanksgiving!

Butter Braid pastries are always a hit, serving up smiles for many years! Add a flavorful, delicious pastry to your holiday event this year! Or gift someone something yummy!

Thank you in advance! Watch for form coming home ( in dance bag?) and online details.


Tracy Adams

📷 DancEncounter


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