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Back to School, Back to Dance Class! Supply Shopping Time!!

DancEncounter's 3 Day Shopping Fundraiser at Dancer's Dream (just west of the studio on 38)



Time to check how much your dancer has grown! Support your studio, & shop

at Dancer's Dream in Geneva!

While DE is happy to assist with elements of attire, our ability to stock a vast array of style and choice is limited so as you get ready to return to dance (don't forget to register!), DE has partnered with Dancer's Dream for 3 shopping days this week Thursday, Friday, Saturday August 20th. - 22nd whereby a portion of your purchase is returned to the studio.

Dancer's Dream holds info on our attire and has fit many of our pointe dancers. Their store is dedicated to dance attire, shoes and gift shopping and is located between 3rd and 4th Street opposite the old Geneva Theatre Marquee. There is onstreet parking in front, as well as behind the store, off of James St.

Be sure to mention our hashtag: #staycalmdancencounteron to support the fundraiser.


Dancer's Dream current shopping hours are as follows:

  • Mondays                 By Appointment Only

  • Tuesday through Friday     11am-6pm

  • Saturday                           10am-5pm

  • Sunday                             CLOSED


DancEncounter is closed this week but happy to help remotely: DE text/call 630 232 1221

OR Register/ Pay online at

(yes, I know it says 2019 but the page is 2020 info!)


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