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Letter to My DE Family...

Hello from North Carolina to my DE Family!

I wanted to send a note to all of you with a very sincere thank you! Simply, I am humbled, honored, blessed and so thankful for my many, many years with you all. I was and still am overwhelmed with the love, the gifts, the letters, and the tears from you as I take this next step.

This has all made me really reflect back on my time at DE as well as all of you I have watched grow up. I realized that I never fully understood the impact of what I do, touched so many of you, so deeply. The tears were so unexpected and I realized they were not sadness or anger, but appreciation.

We call DE the “Home of Dance” and it truly is that. It’s not about the outside, or the color of the walls or the cool blue dance floor, but the people who come in and out and give it a heartbeat. A piece of me will always be a part of the heartbeat! To say I will miss you all is an understatement, no matter where I go to teach, it will never feel like home. I thank the parents for trusting me to be a part of their children’s lives, and to all my dancers for the hours we have spent together laughing, learning and getting through those Ronde de Jambes! I have always tried to push you to all be the best you can be and I hope that you will continue you to do that for yourselves. Remember to always smile at the barre and show that your dancing from your hearts. If you do what you love, that is easy! I could go on and on, but I just needed to let you know my deep appreciation not only for the amazing, yet emotional send off, but for the years of moments and memories to be cherished in my heart always and forever! Thank you is not enough, but thank you for overwhelming know that’s not easy to!

I would love to keep in touch and am just an email away (request it from Ms Tracy), as I am not on social media. You are all my family and I want to stay connected. You know I’ll be back to visit and you never know when I may pop in and sub a class!

With my thanks and love,

Ms. Jeni and Stretch!

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